Upholstery Cleaning in Central London

upholstery cleaning City of LondonJeyClean is a leading provider of natural and synthetic upholstery cleaning at the lowest rates in Central London. Our cleaners can deal with any problem you are experiencing, providing a long lasting cleaning effect, sufficiently protecting and treating even the gentlest of materials without using any hazardous chemicals or detergents. If you are an office manager or a landlord, call us on and get your free price estimation now.

We provide first-class commercial cleaning to many offices, banks, restaurants, hotels and casinos in the City of London.

Benefits of our Upholstery Cleaning

We neutralize stains, extracts smell and give a new life to the upholstery of your furniture, leather or wool, we can treat it all. The service has many benefits, but here just to name a few:

  • No more discolorations
  • Bed bug and dust mite extermination
  • Complete odour extraction and neutralisation
  • Dust and grime removal
  • Upholstery conditioning

Besides upholstery cleaning, we provide also chair cleaning, furniture cleaning, curtain cleaning and handyman services.

JeyClean’s Professional Approach

Mattress cleaning – for especially dirt heavy mattresses, soiled surfaces and bed bug and dust mite infestations, this service is what you need. With our steam and UV procedures we can always deliver you with the cleanest results, with zero hassle and trouble.

Our UV treatment can neutralize even the largest bed bug colonies without even using any chemicals or detergents. The steam procedure may both acts as a follow up to the UV treatment as well as a perfectly sufficient service. It extracts stains, neutralizes bad pet odours and can even fix slight discolorations.

Leather upholstery cleaning is our specialised service that takes care of all leather upholstery related cleaning issues you may have. From cracking skin, general wear on the leather or simply conditioning, this is the best way of fixing them. For rejuvenating the leather we use a special paste-like detergent that helps move around the natural oils in the leather, giving it a new life and preventing dry cracks from appearing. For stain and general wear problems we use separate conditioners, but generally stick to hand application.

Steam cleaning is used on synthetic and woolen upholstery as it can best clean them out. The fiber arrangement of these materials allows for a thorough clean only with a steam machine, without the risk of damaging them. It’s fast, strong and very efficient against stains of all nature – from grease to food and drink stains, it can even clean engine oils, tar, gum, make up and a lot more. To clean, we use a high pressure steam nozzle that helps the cleaning agent enter the deepest parts of the upholstery, it draws out all pollutants leaving you with a thoroughly cleaned couch.

Dry cleaning has its application in the treatment of the more sensitive and gentle satin and silk textiles. Since it does not use any water or heat to clean, it can be safe with a 0% chance of damaging the precious textures and colours of the materials. A dry, granulated detergent is spread over the affected area then imbedded into the fibers by a fine brush, this creates a bond between the detergent and the stain, making it easy to draw all pollutants out. Using a high performance vacuum cleaner we draw everything out leaving clean, soft upholstery.

Booking our service

Call JeyClean today and schedule a visit from our expert upholstery cleaners, simply dial or submit a booking form. Our representatives will contact and fit you in a suitable time and date slot. Don’t forget to receive your free quote or get the latest scoop about upcoming deals and offers that will save time and money. In our instant chat as well as on the phone, you can ask any questions, and our team will be sure to give you a sufficient answer.