City of London Carpet Cleaning

carpet cleaning Central LondonAs of 2005 our business has been in the faithful service of the Central London property agents and landlords. We deliver corporate carpet cleaning in the City of London with the lowest rates and best cleaners around. Out full insurance also protects and ensures your property’s safety. With over 50 professional detergents and an army of dedicated cleaners, we can take up any job you can through at us.

We provide first-class services for hotels, casinos, restaurants, banks, etc. 

Benefits of Our Professional Care

It cleans, deodorizes, rejuvenates and protects your carpets from any harm – the comprehensive carpet cleaning service is an all round performer. With it you will be enjoying:

  • No more toxic or hazardous detergent used
  • Lower pollen and dust levels
  • Discoloration balancing
  • Fiber protection and conditioning
  • Naturally smelling deodorants

In case you want to know more about our service, its full list of benefits and other things about our overall procedures, call and our team of experts will be sure to answer and address all of your questions.

Service Explanation

carpet cleaning Central LondonSteam cleaning  brings a lot of power to the field, compacted into a portable steam machine, it packs the bunch necessary to deal with even the impossible to remove stains. With its high pressure jet it dissolves stains of all nature, from make up to gum and even tar. It works miracles on synthetic and woolen materials, sufficiently treating their diverse fiber alignments. The high temperature of the steam has sanitizing properties, it combined with a specialised detergent allows for a full cleaning cycle.

Dry cleaning is a safe way to make sure that all naturally fibered carpets are properly cleaned. The lack of moisture and heat means that it can treat gentle and easily damaged materials such as cotton, silk and satin. A dry detergent, specially chosen for the type of stain your carpet has as well as its material, is spread over the affected area then brushed into the base of the textile so it binds with the stain properly.

It needs somewhere between 10-15 minutes to react with the compounds and dissolve them making it possible to be removed with our high-performance vacuum cleaner. With no drying time or chance of damaging your carpets, this is the perfect treatment for people in a hurry.

Scotchgard protection is a treatment that seals in the clean results for a longer period of time. Scotchgard is a detergent that literally does that, it deters dirt from sticking to the fibers of your carpet, beating of stains and dirt accumulation. It also makes it easier to clean ultimately saving you time and money.

Regular application can prolong the life of your carpet as it would not require as many professional interventions as it would without it. Scotchgard also acts as a conditioner, softening the fibers of the carpet while also protecting them from grime. To receive this service you have to specify beforehand so we can come prepared on location.

Booking JeyClean

Schedule a visit from our expert cleaning team by calling our 24/7 customer support hotline on  or by submitting a booking form. With the flexible scheduling system we have in place, we can fit you in any time or date slot, so you won’t have to worry about fitting us in your schedule. If you have questions regarding our service, but don’t feel like picking up the phone, we also have an instant customer support chat that you can enter even right now, there ask anything cleaning related and our team will make sure to give you a sufficient answer.