Rug Cleaning in City of London

rug-cleaning Central LondonIf you are looking for professional rug cleaning on competitive rates in the City of London, you are at the right place. Get the best service in Central London by calling JeyClean at today! We are fully prepared for any situations and can guarantee a thorough clean to every landlord and office manager who chooses our company.

Why choose JeyClean

Find relief by calling our hotline and receiving the best rug cleaning service in Central London. Our special treatments can clean even the sturdiest of stains from the gentlest, most precious Persian and rugs quite effectively. With our professional rug care you will enjoy:

  • Free viewings
  • Dust and grime free textiles
  • Bad odour neutralisation
  • Discoloration balancing
  • Fiber durability and aesthetics protection

Call our phone line at  and get more information on these benefits and a lot more. Among our clients are many hotels, casinos, restaurants, banks and dentists in the City of London. 

Our Expert Services

JeyClean rug cleaningDry cleaning is by far the best solution for sensitive rug textiles and materials. It can penetrate the deepest layers of even the thickest of wool, extract the stain and remove unpleasant odours, all without the chance of damaging the fibers and textiles. By using a professional granulated detergent we can fix and maintain even the most sensitive of silk and cotton rugs.

Persian and Oriental rugs can also be treated with this, offering a good cleaning for a fraction of the price competitors. The granules are brushed into the base of the rug, creating a bond with the stain making it easier to be extracted. There is no moisture during the cleaning, meaning for a 0 drying time.

Steam cleaning gives us the means of dislodging and eradicating stains and dirt from woolen and synthetic rugs. It is these materials that can withstand the heat and benefit most from it at the same time. Since high heat can disinfect surfaces, it can also do it with fibers, protecting from different pathogens, bugs and even allergens.

High-pressure steam is injected into the rug and the place that needs to be treated, it is then drawn out along with all of the dirt, grime and filth that has accumulated inside. Al detergents and methods used are safe for application around children and pets, and adhere to the standards as set by reach.

JeyClean delivers also professional chair cleaning, furniture cleaning and window cleaning.

Booking Expert Cleaning Service in Central London

Book us today by calling the customer satisfaction hotline over at . A representative of ours will guide you and help you in finding the best time and date for you, as well as advising you on the right procedures that would most benefit your rugs. Don’t forget to ask about our free quotes, and if you want to ask something you can join our instant chat support room where all of your rug cleaning questions will be answered. Don’t waste time and money, book our service today and reap the benefits.